Senin, 17 Desember 2012

Desi  : Hey Tiaa... How are you today?
Tia    : Hey, yaa... I'm fine.. and you?
Desi  : I'm fine thank's.
           Emm, whats your activity right now??
Tia    : I just spend my time with my assigment in my college, how about you ??
Desi  : Yes, same with you..
           whats your planning in this new year.. tiaa??
Tia     : I don't know, I'm still confuse, because my friends ask me for join their party in my friend's house. but
           in other side, my boyfriend ask me for celebrate with him. i'm so confuse. can you give me suggest?
Desi   : hemm, you can ask your boyfriend for celebrate with your friends too, right? so, you can celebrate
            with your friends and your boyfriend too. come on tia! don't make life be complicated.
Tia      : but, i'm afraid my boyfriend don't want to join with me.
Desi    : don't say like that. i'am sure, he want celebrate with you and your friends.
Tia      : yeah, i hope like that. how about you desi? what's your planning?
Desi    : i wanna celebrate with my boyfriend.
Tia      : oh yaa? how happy you are! where do you celebrate?
Desi    : we celebrate in the beach, tiaa..
             oh yaa, i must go, because my mother ask me for pick her up in my uncle's house.
Tia      : okee. see you next time.
Desi    : okee..

Senin, 10 Desember 2012

Explanation the song of "I Believe I Can Fly"

   This song "I Believe I Can Fly" sung by R.Kelly, tell something's beliefs were not initially trust and confidence towards life that do not need to be desperate.The song also provides motivation and inspiration to live, with a strong desire got an anything.

   Despite the many obstacles of life, but we must be sure to be able to reach all desire.With strong beliefs, surely we can take it all with a full sense of happiness. Believe that we have wings and can fly all of us to achieve what we want.

   And be sure .. With the belief that we have, it can all be easy to go through all that we do. But it all depends on ourselves, if we believe, we must be able to reach all of them ..